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We hope you enjoy reading about our projects and feel inspired to get involved in our activities.

Perhaps you will want to create a new project which would be of benefit the community.

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Mid Deeside Limited

Since starting up in 1996, Mid Deeside Limited has:

Set up a Deeside Community Transport Scheme with the Village Hopper bus service and mini bus hire.

Purchased the Bell Wood as a Community Woodland and leased the Ladywood

Organised an annual outdoor festival, Active Deeside

Supported the Aboyne Youth Project to develop facilities for young people

Helped the Aboyne Bonfire Co-operative revive the village fireworks display

Supported the Aboyne Town Twinning group twin with Martignas sur Jalle

Initiated the Aboyne Centre Enhancement Scheme to help businesses in Aboyne

Organised evening classes in Aboyne - please visit www.mdl-education.org.uk

We do hope you will join us and get involved in the creation of new projects for our community.

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